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Dark Alley Dance

by James Lancaster

Released 2016
Released 2016
"Dark Alley Dance" is an album who's songs tell the story of life in a old western ghost town. A guitar oriented Instrumental album focusing on rich guitar tones, strong melodies and a variety of rock, bluesy, country and latin-laced musical arrangements.
I grew up a huge fan of instrumental music....especially from artists like The Ventures, Jeff Beck, Steve Morse, Andy Timmons, Neal Schon, Eric Johnson and others along these lines.
This album, "Dark Alley Dance", is about guitar tones and catchy melodies...great percussion, strong keyboard/synth textures, focusing much more on the song itself than any particular instrument. I spent far greater time on guitar tones than guitar parts (although hopefully you'll appreciate both).
I knew from the beginning because of the way the pieces were coming together, that they would become "storytelling" songs.
The story they tell is of life in an old west ghost town. Which town? I don't know for sure, could be any number of western working farm & ranch towns, anywhere really....but definitely back before the distractions and conveniences of life took over.
The physical CD comes with a beautiful, full-color 24 page booklet and each of the 9 songs on the album have their own picture and a small paragraph or two telling the story that goes with the song itself.
This album was a great labor of love for me as it was the first project I have been able to do just for myself in a long, long time. I enjoyed creating it....I hope you'll enjoy experiencing it.

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Dark Alley Dance|Boise

The CD "Dark Alley Dance" is available at The Record Exchange, downtown Boise, Id